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After setting up the general plugin settings, we can start adding some team members to our website.

To add your first team member, go to Staff Members » Add new in wp-admin.

Add staff member

Then you’ll see a standard WordPress post editor screen, where you have several areas to edit:

Staff member editor screen in a-staff 1.2

Staff member editor screen in a-staff 1.2

  1. The Title will be used as the name of the staff member
  2. The excerpt will be used as the staff member’s short introduction: by default it will be the shortened version of the content (2a), but you can override it with a manually entered excerpt (2b)
  3. Member Titles – like “CEO”, “Assistant”, “Developer”, etc. – can be added like categories.
  4. You can add the member’s social media profile links here – only those networks are listed here that you’ve added previously on the a-staff Settings » Social page. If you leave a field here empty, then the specific icon won’t be displayed in the front end.
    1. You can also find the phone number field here if you enabled it in the plugin settings.
  5. Here you can add a photo of the member – just like featured images for blog posts.
  6. The Order number in the Attributes box will help arranging the members in the front end. The bigger the number, the later the member will appear in the list (if you have selected Menu Order as the sorting method on the a-staff Settings » Behavior page or inside your shortcode).
  7. You can organize your team members into Departments with this category-like setting (Pro version only)

Don’t forget to Publish / Update the page after editing!

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