Below are the key features of the a-staff Team showcase plugin for WordPress.

Variable columns

You can display your team members in 1 to 6 columns. This way you can choose the layout that fits your website the best.

Social Icons

Unlimited number of social icons can be added to the member boxes. All icons can have different colors.

Works with your theme

a-staff comes with basic, but fully functioning CSS styles that makes the boxes fit into your site’s look while keeping things aligned.


Well tested with all popular browsers on multiple screen sizes.

Gutenberg compatible

a-staff supports the WordPress 5.0 post editor by adding two new block types: a-staff Loop and a-staff Team Member.

Sorting options

You can sort your team members by multiple options.

Templating system

Don’t like the default look of the plugin? Add your custom a-staff templates to your WordPress theme.

(PRO) Departments

Organize your team members into departments and show them grouped by departments (Pro version only).


If you have any difficulties using the plugin, we are happy to help!

Extensive Documentation

a-staff has documentation for most of its use cases. Browse through our Knowledge Base to learn more.

Developer friendly

Our plugins are written in a clean style with explanatory code comments to help your developer’s work.