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Hi, I am a-folio, a Portfolio showcase plugin for WordPress

I can display your Portfolio items with a nice, tiled layout.

Here is an example of what I can show on your WordPress pages:

I am a project

An exceptional one

As a project I was very long. My creators were fighting with deadly deadlines for long-long months. But I still survived, and just didn’t want to end. Then a grumpy manager came in and said: it’s good enough for an MVP. Suddenly, I was not that important any more…

Sunny beaches

On the seaside

That’s where most of the people want to go while they are working. Always those sunny beaches, with hundreds of parasols. People swimming and playing in the crystal-clear water and nobody cares about Carol. Carol is a maid in the hotel and she has to work while tourists lay idle in the sand. Justice? No, there is no justice for Carol, no way…

Pretty cool project with a little bit long title

Empty project

Project with tags in the description

My favorite place

Just a Lorem Ipsum

Why not?

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Only subtitle

This item has no title. This is what’s happening in these cases.

Another Lorem Ipsum

Testing external link

Crowded Office

If you like what you see above and want something similar on your WordPress-based website, come and download me here:

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