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  1. Hi, I had been searching for ages for a nice staff listing, with a grid view. Your plugin is perfect except (and possibly due to latest WordPress version?) there is no option to add a staff photo. Your documentation shows the option but it’s not in my WordPress, when editing or adding a new member.

    • Hi Sam,
      You can already do that. In order to temporarily remove a member just set a member’s Status to draft in wp-admin.

      To do so, you’ll have to:
      – Go to Staff Members in wp-admin. Under the name of the member click “Quick Edit”
      – You’ll see a panel where you can find the status dropdown. Set it to draft.
      – Update the member.

      And that’s it. You can set it back to Published once you want to see him/her again in the list.

      Best regards,

  2. Hallo – and thankyou for a nice plugin. I really want a phone kontakt in this staff plugin. When i use the icons – it dosent work. When i just write it in the tekst page – i can’t use brakes – or next line? And then it lokks “not” nice. How can i have kontakt data written in a nice way whit in the tekst?

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