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Social Network manager

You can set up the social icons that are displayed in the team member boxes here. With the Add Social Network button you can add new icons that you want to use in the a-staff Loop:

Social Network Manager

The Social Network Manager

After clicking the button, you can set up the social network:

  • The first input line is the name of the network. It should be something like “Facebook”, “Twitter”, “Follow me on Facebook”, “Tweet me!”, “E-mail”, or similar.
  • The second input is the icon itself. You can choose from all the possible Font Awesome icons here.

Hint: if you’d like to use different colors for each icon, enable the Icon colors setting at the bottom of this screen. Otherwise the icons will use the active theme’s default color scheme.

After adding a few icons you can:

  • rearrange them with the icon on the left
  • or remove them with the icon on the right
Social network setup with custom colors enabled

Social network setup with custom colors enabled

Other settings

Social link target

It can be a new browser tab or the same tab where the user is. As most of the social links will lead your user out of your website, it’s highly recommended to leave this setting as it is by default: New tab.

Social icon size

You can select the desired Font Awesome size here for the icons. Learn more about Font Awesome sizes…

Enable icon colors

You can enable / disable custom colors here for the Social Network manager.

Enable phone numbers

(since v1.1) Should phone numbers be enabled in your member boxes?

This works out of the box if you are using our new templating system (introduced in a-staff 1.2). If you are using the Legacy templates, then it needs some further tweaking.

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