You can download the latest Free version of the a-staff plugin here:

Download a-staff 1.2.2 (Free)

What to do after the download?

Please follow the instructions on the Installation page.

How can I get the Pro version?

If you need a feature that is only included in the Pro version, you can buy a-staff Pro from your WP-Admin dashboard after installing and Activating the Free version. You can do the purchase under a-staff » Upgrade in your WP-Admin menu. Here is a tutorial for the upgrade process.

Where can I download older versions of the plugin?

While we always recommend to use the latest version of the a-staff plugin (as it has the latest features and bugfixes), it can happen that for some reason you need an older version of it. In this case you can download them from these links:
a-staff 1.2.1 (Free)
a-staff 1.2 (Free)
a-staff 1.1.1
a-staff 1.1
a-staff 1.0