Under the Behavior tab in WP-Admin » a-staff » Settings you can find the following setup options.

Default sorting

With this setting you can set up how should the boxes be sorted inside the a-staff Loop (in the shortcode or inside the a-staff Loop Gutenberg block) by default. We currently have these options:

  • Menu order (Post Attributes » Order) – this is the default value. If this one is chosen, the order of the boxes is in your hands: you can set an order number for each of your team members on the Member editor screen.
  • Member Name – if this option is chosen, the members will be ordered by the names of your team members (which is currently the title of the Team Member post – which is not the same as member titles!)
  • Date Added – sorts your team members based on when you have added them to your website.

Of course, you can override this setting locally in the shortcode or inside the Gutenberg block. So even if you set here the default value, you can have different orders on different pages.

Sorting direction

You can set here to sort the team members in the loop Ascending or Descending. Whichever is the better option for you.

Tile click action

What should happen when you click on a member box (tile) inside the a-staff Loop? We have the following options now:

  • Nothing – there is no click action. The user can’t go to the single team member pages, your team page will be a static list.
  • Single page – clicking on a member box will forward the user to the Single pages of the members where longer description can be read about them.

Please note that this option only works with the new templating system. If you are using the Legacy templates this setting won’t have an effect on your a-staff Loop.