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Number of columns

How many columns should the plugin use for displaying your team members on your team page?

It’s a good rule of thumb that the wider your theme’s main content area is the more columns you can use without having an overstuffed feeling.

Add some formatting to the member bio

If enabled, you can use some HTML tags like <b> ,<strong>, <i>, <em>, <br>, <span>, <a> in the member’s bio. Line-breaks are also allowed in the formatted descriptions.

Length of member bio

If you enable formatting, then you’ll be able to set the maximum length of the bio text (in number of words).

Image sizes in member boxes

By default, a-staff registers the 480×480 image size and uses it for the boxes. But you can use any other image sizes registered in your WordPress installation if you need pictures with different aspect ratio or size.

Use Legacy box template

If enabled, you can use the old templating method for member boxes (that was used before a-staff v1.2).

Box template (Legacy)

We only recommend this setting for those users who have some knowledge about HTML and CSS. If you enabled the Use Legacy box template, the shortcode will use this template to build up the boxes.

Allowed HTML tags in the template: a, img, br, hr, em, strong, i, b, div, h1 .. h6, span, ul, li.

IMPORTANT! If you use a-staff 1.2 or newer version, please customize your boxes with the new templating method. This Legacy method will be removed after v1.5!

Load basic front end CSS?

We recommend you to leave it as enabled – unless your theme’s code covers all the styling settings for a-staff elements.

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