10 July 2018.

This is just a short update. Although our site wasn’t updated in the past 4 months, there had been a lot of stuff going on behind the curtains.

Bye, bye, Adriatica!

After a long idle period we decided to dump our non-released theme, Adriatica. It was a simple business decision. It would have needed too much efforts to make it good enough while the competition on the market is tough and our time is very limited.

At least, we’ll have more time to focus on our plugins from now.

Site update

We have rebuilt the a-idea site from the basics. While the changes are small in the front end, there had been lot of changes in the back end. The change was necessary as the old version was running on Adriatica, so we had no choice but to move away from our discontinued theme.

However, we made the new site’s look very similar to the old one – with some fine-tuning. So the branding and the look&feel is the same here as before…

Plugin updates

All our plugins got a new update today. For a-folio and a-staff plugins this was a backend update only: we have updated the only TPL Framework that works behind these plugins.

WP Slide-up box goes a-boxes

For our oldest plugin, WP Slide-up box it was a big change. First of all, the plugin’s name was changed to a-boxes to better fit into our plugin branding line. However, we will use the old and the new names beside each other for a while to make the transition easier.

The Shortcode Generator has got a preview mode. So now you can see the changes right inside the Shortcode Generator screen, without leaving wp-admin.

The new Shortcode Generator with the visual Preview

Another bigger improvement is that now you can use default values for the shortcodes, making it easier to create similar sliding boxes using a-boxes 1.0. For the full list of new features and bugfixes, please have a look at the plugin’s changelog.

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