15 November 2016.

Today we released a new version of our team member showcase plugin called “a-staff“.

The new version generally has 3 major feature updates:
  • You can add now phone numbers to team member boxes.
  • Now you can choose to have formatted member descriptions. This formatting is however, limited to a few HTML tags, namely: ‘b’ ,’strong’, ‘i’, ’em’, ‘br’, ‘span’, ‘a’
    • These formatted descriptions now will include line breaks / paragraph breaks inside the text
  • The previous version (v1.0) had a bug when there were no social icons in the boxes. It was caused by the too big bottom margin of the bio text and the absolute positioning of the social icons. Now we fixed it with flexboxes and margin-top: auto settings.

Learn more and download the plugin from its dedicated sub-site.

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