Some WordPress plugins require you to enter ID numbers of uploaded pictures, which they’d do some modifications/effects on.

Especially gallery-managing or other visual plugins (like WP Slide-up Box) can use these picture ID numbers. The problem is that WordPress doesn’t show these numbers to the users by default. But don’t worry, there are plenty of ways you can find the ID of the pictures.

The hover method

  1. Go to Media » Library in the WP Admin panel.
  2. Here you can see a grid of uploaded images (if there is any):


  1. Now click on the image you need, and you’ll see the Attachment details screen:


  1. On this screen hove your mouse over the Edit more details link
  2. In the browser’s status bar, you’ll see something like that:

The highlighted number (the number right after the ‘post=’ text) shows the ID number of the picture.

The plugin method

Go to Plugins » Add new in the WP-admin. Write ‘wp show ids’ to the search forms. Install one of the following plugins (pick one of them – they’ll do the same):

  • Show IDs by 99 Robots
  • Catch IDs
  • Reveal IDs

After activating the plugin, you’ll be able to see the IDs of the images in the Media Library. It is useful to use a plugin if you have to deal often with image IDs.