We are proud to release our newest plugin to the public: a-folio. This WordPress plugin lets you to display your portfolio to your visitors in a responsive grid format.

The plugin can be really useful for development teams, event organizers, travel agencies, creative professionals, etc. Using it, they can show to the public what they can offer or what projects they had worked on in the past

As an example, you can have a look at this site’s Products page, where we already use the a-folio plugin.

Download & Documentation

For more information and the download links (yes, the plugin is completely free) visit our sub-site dedicated to a-folio here:

Visit a-folio page

Available on wordpress.org, too

The a-folio plugin is already accepted and available in the official WordPress plugin repository, too:


An example screenshot

An example of the a-folio output

An example of a-folio’s output

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