Yesterday we finished the development of the new version of the WP Slide-up box plugin, and today we’ve successfully launched it both on the plugin directory and on our pages dedicated for this plugin.

What’s new in the 0.4 version?

Better support for mobiles and touchscreens

As these devices don’t have real hover effects, we had to completely rewrite the animations engine. Now it detects if we are using a touch device and switches to click events if yes. To make sure that linked boxes and animations work fine together, we added the links to the corners of the boxes on touchscreen devices. This way you can both play the animation and use the link.

Desktops still work in the good old way with hover effects.

Image URLs as the id parameter

Now you can use the image URL instead of the image ID, which have 2 main benefits:

  • You don’t have to search for the image ID any more if you don’t want to (which is a bit tricky task and the exact method can change with every new version of WordPress)
  • You can now use external images as the background. Before 0.4 only images on the same WordPress installation were enabled.

Of course the boxes will still work with image IDs, too. You can choose which one to use.

The plugin’s page on now looks better

The documentation on became more comprehensive and finally we have a nice banner and an icon for this plugin, too. Hope you like them! 🙂

WP Slide-up box plugin banner

WP Slide-up box plugin banner

Other stuff

For the full list of improvements in v0.4 take a look at the plugin’s changelog.

Another good news about the plugin is that its overall download number has recently exceeded the magic number of 5000 downloads!

The next version will most probably be available in May 2017. If you have any recommendations, feature requests or found a bug, please report it to us. These feedbacks can really help improving the plugin.

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