If you have any comments or questions about the a-boxes plugin or have some suggestions for future versions, please post it here as a comment. Bug reports are also welcome (with specifying which operating system, browser and WP version you’re using).

If you need special help with the plugin (e.g. customizing it for your project or installing it on your website), please send an email to support@a-idea.studio describing how we can help you.


  1. Hi

    I am looking to have 2 lines in the title section (Name and Job Title)

    I am able to split lines in the ‘desc’ using but not in the title
    Is there a way to achieve this?


  2. Hi there,
    I’m a recent user of WP Slide Up box, it’s been a great experience so far.
    Just wanted to ask you guys: is there a way to change the original black color of the slider?


  3. I’ve found that there is possibly a character limit for the description of 150 characters. If I type anything more than that, the Image is not saved/uploaded. Or if I type less then try to update after it’s been created it just goes back to the previous type. Is it possible to have more type? Right now the most I need is 250.

    • Hi Pamela,
      I’ve had a look at your website’s source. It looks like you are using an older version (0.21 or older) of the plugin. These old versions saved the texts into the database and had some limitations.
      The newest version doesn’t have that limitation, however, you’ll have to change the shortcodes somewhat:
      – what you want to see in the title part needs to go into the title=”xyz” attribute
      – what you want to see in the description part has to go into the desc=”xyz” attribute
      – the link URL has to go into the target=”xyz” attribute
      You can find more guidelines for the customizations on these pages:

      There are other benefits of upgrading to a newer version, too: e.g. better support for mobile devices and touchscreens, better security, etc.

      There may be other changes need to be done for better compatibility. Feel free to contact us at support@a-idea.studio if you need more help with the transition to the new syntax.

  4. Hello, This (great) plug in (WP silde up box) is not working properly with WP 4.6 . Will this be resolved shortly? Hope so, because i want to use it verry much. Even want to pay for it! Can i hear from you soon?

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