a-staff is WordPress plugin designed for creating team showcase pages for your website.

Add team members easily in your WordPress dashboard…

Staff member add screen


… and show the results to your users with a simple shortcode or a Gutenberg block


Output of the a-staff team showcase plugin for WordPress

Would like to have a similar Our Team page on your WordPress site?

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People don’t trust companies without faces

picture of pensive woman with laptop computer.

Maybe she is Sally Doe?

Just imagine, Sally Doe is a new visitor on your website. She’s just arrived, but knows nothing about you and your company.

She is – of course – interested in what you offer, because otherwise she wouldn’t even have come to your site. But…

She is full of questions and concerns:

  • Is it a real company? – Or they just want to run away with my money?
  • Can I trust them? – It’s okay that they say what they can do, but are they… ehm… real people?
  • Are they the kind of people I am happy to work with?

You can easily raise the trust level towards your company / organization by:

  • Showing the faces and names of your team members to your visitors
  • Telling some words about them: who they are, what they are passionate about, what their expertise is
  • Moreover, if you share their social profiles, your visitors will have insights into your colleagues’ thoughts, interests, etc.

Show all your team members to your visitors with the a-staff team showcase plugin…

… and build extra trust in them by revealing your staff behind your website!

So they will know who the people are behind your awesome solutions!

Live Demo Download a-staff

Not convinced yet? Check out the plugin features.