Are you proud of your website that uses one of these plugins?

It makes us incredibly happy that you are using any of these plugins or themes to achieve your goals. We are also happy to share with the world how great things you’ve built with our products.

In the near future we are going to put together a new section on our site, called “Wall of Fame”. In this section we will show the best examples: how our products are used in different projects.

What is in it for you?

  • you’ll get a free backlink to your site from our site, which is good for your SEO
  • when people are browsing our site, they will be able to click directly to your site
  • optionally we can share your site on our social media channels (Twitter and Facebook), in the form of “XY is using our plugin, …”

What is in it for us?

It gives us social proof: if our visitors see that there are more people using our products, they will more likely try them out themselves.

So it’s a win-win plan. Are you in?

If yes, please fill in the form below to apply. But before you apply, please read the rules below:

  • The Wall of Fame section will be published on the a-idea website after there are at least 3 accepted applications. So first applicants, please be patient, it can take a few weeks or even months to reach this initial number.
  • Applications are accepted or rejected after a human review, based on these criteria:
    • Your website is visually pleasing. We think design is important, and we want to promote only websites of good quality. We are generally not too stringent about it, but we reserve the right to add only those websites to this list that add value to our site – based on our quality standards.
    • You are proud of the site. Yes, we’d like to work together on this project with people who are eager to show how awesome things they are doing.
    • The website doesn’t contain any harmful, sexual, abusive or false content. There are plenty of free directories that accept these stuff, but this is not one of them.
  • If you’ve been previously accepted, but later stop using our products, we have the right to remove your site from the list.
  • One person (or company) can send in more than one applications if they use the products on more websites.

OK, let’s apply!

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