Now that we have set the general plugin settings up, we can start adding some Portfolio items to our website.

To add your first team member, go to Portfolio items » Add new in wp-admin.

Add new Portfolio item

Then you’ll see a standard WordPress post editor screen.

Here you have several areas to edit:

a-folio editor

  1. The Title will be the title of the Portfolio item
  2. The excerpt will be used as the Potfolio item’s short description on the tiles: by default it will be the shortened version of the content (2a), but you can override it with a manually entered excerpt (2b)
  3. Portfolio Categories: you can categorize the Portfolio items with this taxonomy. Optionally you can display these categories on the large (2 / row) tiles.
  4. Cover image: here you can add a cover photo for the Portfolio item – just like featured images for blog posts.
  5. The Order number in the Attributes box will help arranging the items in the front end – if you chose Menu Order as the Order by setting on the plugin settings page.
  6. Portfolio item settings: some special settings for the item:
    1. Subtitle: this text to be displayed as the sub-title under the main title in large tiles (if custom text is selected in plugin settings)
    2. Icon: the icon to be displayed in the header part of the tile
    3. Custom link URL: if left empty, normally the tile is linked to the item’s single page. You can override this setting here with a custom URL
    4. Link opens in new tab: if enabled, the tile link will be opened in a new browser tab, keeping the original tab open.

Don’t forget to Publish / Update the page after editing!