Framework Options

A new feature since Themple v1.0 is that a Framework Options page is added to your wp-admin. Here you can set up some under-the-hood settings which are not connected directly your theme’s look, rather it gives you some control over how some functions should work in the background.

Currently we have the following settings on the Framework Options page:

On the General tab:

  • Framework version: shows the currently used version of the Themple Framework
  • Theme version: shows the currently used version of the theme. While for Themple Starter it will always be the same as the Framework’s version, for other themes created with the Themple Framework it will most probably be different.

On the Libraries tab:

  • Less Compiler: you can turn the LESS compiler ON/OFF here. Actually it can have 3 different values:
    • ON: Less files are always compiled upon each page reload, even if there was no change (slowest, suitable for development environments)
    • OFF: Less files are NOT compiled at all with this setting (fastest, use it if you’re not going to change styles or Theme Options for a long time, suitable for live sites with cached assets)
    • Dynamic: Less files are only updated when there is a change in the Theme Options admin page or inside the Less files
  • Font Awesome support: the Themple Framework is bundled with the Font Awesome font icon library. Please note that this setting only takes effect if the LESS compiler is turned ON.
    • Yes: the Font Awesome library is compiled into your front end CSS file. Use this setting only if you are using Font Awesome in your front end as it adds about 20-30 kByte extra to your final CSS file
    • No: Font Awesome won’t be added to your front end CSS, thus you won’t be able to use it. You can use this setting if you don’t need this library on your site.
  • TGM Plugin Activation: enable it only if you want to include bundled plugins in your package.

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