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We are authors of several WordPress plugins and themes. Click on the READ MORE buttons to learn more about them.


WordPress plugin

You are watching now a page made with the a-folio plugin. This plugin displays a responsive grid of your projects, with a lot of customizability options. Install the a-folio plugin on your WordPress site and start creating an amazing Portfolio page of your current and past projects.

WP Slide-up box

WordPress plugin

This is a small, simple, yet quite popular plugin (currently has 4.7* on wordpress.org with 5000+ downloads) that shows images with some extra information in animated “sliding boxes”.


WordPress plugin

If you are a team of more than one people and you’d like to show the world that you are all trustworthy persons, then this plugin is a must-have for you! It can show your team members to your users in stylishly designed boxes that adapt to the look of your WordPress theme. Just like on our team page. A restaurant with faces is always more attractive than a restaurant without faces.

Themple Framework

WordPress theme

Why should the average user care about a WordPress development team having their own theme and plugin framework? If they have a framework built by themselves, it always means that “they know something”. Creating WordPress themes by itself needs comprehensive knowledge about Design, Web programming languages and how WordPress is built up. Building an own framework makes a step even further: needs a very high level of systematic thinking – which is often a life/death question in markets with lots…