Image sizes made easy in Themple v1.1 (part 2)

11 May 2016

Dealing with image sizes – the Themple v1.1 way

We’ve set up 3 functions in /inc/functions-images.php that resolve the issues mentioned in the previous part.

  • tpl_image_sizes
  • tpl_images_setup
  • tpl_image_selector_sizes

The good news is that you’ll only have to edit the tpl_image_sizes function to manage all your image sizes. How can you do that?

  1. Go to your

Themple Framework 1.1

22 April 2016

We proudly announce that the next major version of Themple Framework is released today. It is bundled together with the Themple Starter theme and the Themple Helper plugin, and can be installed as a WordPress theme. You can find the latest source code on our Downloads page.

What’s new in the new version?

Well, too many things. Too many to list them all here, so I really advise you to check out the changelog for the latest changes. Anyway, here are the most important highlights from the new version: Read more…

Themple v1.1 is on its way!

6 April 2016

After nearly 3 months of development, the Themple Framework is approaching its next big version update. What is expected in the next version? Repeater options Combined options More post templets / layouts Font Awesome support TGM Plugin Activation built in Editor styles etc. The Alpha versions are now available on GitLab, see the link below… Read more…