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a-idea: WordPress development and design studio

Who we are

We are experts in creating WordPress-based websites, webdesign and plugins with 15+ years cumulative work experience.

Picture of Ervin Domonkos

Ervin Domonkos

Lead Developer

Ervin has been creating WordPress sites since 2010. Spending 4 years in agency environments taught him almost everything about what clients may expect from a WordPress project.
In his free time he likes to go canoeing on the local river or discover the world on the back of his bycicle.

Picture of Hermina Domonkos

Hermina Domonkos


Hermina has over 8 years of experience in the world of design and marketing. She is the one among us who knows how to tame the complicated toolbars of Photoshop and Illustrator – making some visual wonders as the result.
In her free time she creates hand-crafted jewellery or goes jogging on the riverside.

    Are you available for custom work?

    Yes. All you have to do is to post a project for our Lead Developer, Ervin on Codeable.io, and he’ll help you. If you haven’t heard about Codeable yet: this is a network of the top 2-3% WordPress developers out there.

    Our standard working hours are between 8am – 6pm CET (7am – 5pm in the UK / 2am – 12 noon in New York / 18pm – 6am in Sidney). If you live in a time zone far away from us, please be patient: if we don’t answer your emails promptly, it can happen that it’s late night here and we are sleeping at the moment… 🙂

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