Since v1.2, a-staff Pro makes it possible to group your team members into Departments. What you need to know about departments:

  • This feature is especially useful when you have lot of members in your team and it is a logical step to group them somehow visually, e.g.
    • by divisions in a firm (e.g. management, finances, development)
    • by hierarchy at a magazine (e.g. editors, writers)
    • or by roles in a sports team (e.g. player, staff, management)
    • etc.
  • By default, departments are not displayed inside the member boxes of the a-staff Loop, but they are displayed on the single member pages.

How can I add my team members into departments?

  1. Make sure that you are using the Pro version of a-staff. The easiest way to do so is going to the Plugins section in your wp-admin and check that you have “a-staff (Premium)” installed and activated (and not just “a-staff”). If you don’t have the Pro version yet, here is a guide how you can buy a license.
  2. Edit a staff member in your WP-Admin’s Staff Members section
  3. If you have the Pro version installed, you’ll see the Departments box in the right sidebar. You can use it just like categories in WordPress:
    • If you haven’t added any departments yet, you can add the first one with the “+ Add new department” link
    • If you already have some departments in your system, you can add the team member to it by just ticking the checkmark before the department’s name and updating the member.
  4. If you want to edit the names of your previously added departments or want to delete any of them, you can do that in WP-Admin » Staff Members » Departments
The departments box in the staff member editor

The departments box in the staff member editor

I want to show my team grouped by departments. How to do that?

If you are using a-staff with shortcodes

In this case you’ll have to use multiple instances of the shortcode. Let’s say you’d like to show the following departments below each other with the department names before each section:

  • Management
  • Finances
  • Development

In this case your code in the HTML view should look something like this (given that you gave the following taxonomy slugs for your departments: “management”, “finances”, “development” – you can check these slugs in Staff Members » Departments in WP-Admin):

You can find more information about using the shortcode here.

If you are using Gutenberg

If you are using the new Gutenberg editor for displaying your a-staff loop, then this task is even easier. Let’s say you want to do the same thing with Gutenberg that we’ve done before with shortcodes: displaying 3 departments with their titles before them.

In this case just add a Heading block with the content: “Management”.

Then an a-staff Loop block where you filter for the “Management” Department.

Heading block followed by filtered a-staff Loop block

Heading block followed by filtered a-staff Loop block

Then do the same thing with the 2 other departments as well.

That’s it! If you have any questions about using a-staff and departments, please contact us or ask your questions in the Q&A section.