The a-staff 1.2 way

If you are using a-staff 1.2 with the new Templating System, then it’s easy to do. The only thing you have to do is enabling a-staff » Settings » Social » Enable Phone numbers in your WP-Admin.

After that the Phone Number field will appear in your Staff Member editor and in the front end, too.

The a-staff 1.1 way

IMPORTANT! If you are using a-staff 1.2 or newer, it’s highly recommended to use the a-staff 1.2 way (above), as the 1.1 way won’t be supported in future versions.

Before a-staff v1.2 adding phone numbers to your boxes was a more difficult thing, because you had to edit the Box template to display it. You can still do it with the Legacy template until a-staff v1.5, however, it’s not recommended.

  1. Go to Settings » a-staff Settings in your wp-admin.
  2. On the Social tab set Enable phone numbers to yes.
  3. Now the Phone number field appears on the Staff Member editor pages. However, you’ll still need to “tell” the shortcode that it needs to be included in the boxes (don’t worry, it’s not too difficult). To do so, you’ll have to include the {MEMBER_PHONE} shorttag in the template editor on the Layout tab. The best and simplest solution is if you follow these steps:
    1. On the a-staff Setings page go to the Layout tab
    2. Find here the Legacy Box template field
    3. Add the <p class="a-staff-member-phone">{MEMBER_PHONE}</p> line where you’d like to display the phone number.
    4. E.g. this version of the template will display the phone number between the bio and the social icons. You can copy-paste this template if you just need to put the number under the bio:

  1. Now that you have set everything up, you can go to the Staff Members section in wp-admin, and add Phone numbers to your staff members there. The phone number field appears in the Staff Member’s social profiles metabox.


What happens if you enable the Phone numbers on the Settings page, but still can’t see the Social box on the Staff Member editor page?

In most cases the reason is that the Staff Member’s social profiles box is set to hidden in your screen options. Check if it appears after checking this box!

Are they hidden in the screen settings?

Are they hidden in the screen settings?

Good luck using a-staff!