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How we made the switch to HTTPS on a WordPress Multisite

26 December 2016

If you are following the news in the web development world, you might have already heard that 2017 will be the year of HTTPS. Rumors can be read everywhere that if you don’t switch your website to use HTTPS as soon as possible, you’ll be penalized by Google…

In this article I will unveil the truth about 3 things:

  1. What HTTPS/SSL exactly is
  2. Why HTTPS/SSL became suddenly so important
  3. What steps you have to do in order to switch from HTTP to HTTPS

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Am I already late for the summer season?

Summer season vector graphics
13 December 2016

If you run a seasonal business like summer holidays or skiing tours, then the biggest mistake you can do about your website’s development is starting it too late.

Let’s say you own and manage a small apartment building near the seaside. You need a new website for this small business. The summer season starts in June and ends in September. 99% of your guests are visiting your place during these 4 months. You may say: “oh, we have plenty of time until June”. Sorry to say that, but I think you’re wrong now. You are probably already late.

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Tourism Website Trends 2017 survey

6 December 2016

We’ve put together a small questionnaire about website trends in the tourism sector. We are really interested in how our readers’ presence looks like on the web. We are eager to learn from the survey’s results to make our services as good as possible in 2017.

If you own or manage a hotel, guesthouse, restaurant, hostel, etc. and you have or plan to have a website, then this survey was made for you. Travel marketing experts and travel bloggers are also welcome to fill it in.

Here is the link: Tourism Website Trends 2017 survey